Introducing Jane Wesley Brooks, Family Attorney

Over 50% of the CA population will get divorced make sure before you leave you have a family law attorney up your sleeve!

I represent Women and Men in all aspects of family law including, but not limited to, dissolution of marriage, child custody and visitation, child support, spousal support, property division, paternity and post Judgment disputes.

What is most important as a party litigant is to become knowledgeable about the law so they can prepare for the twists and turns of litigation.​

​I am from Palos Verdes, CA originally and attended a small private school, The Chadwick School, until I went to college and first studied horticulture.  I ran a very successful high end landscape design business for 13 years before I started a non-profit and then decided to go back to school to study medicine.  In my senior year as a pre-med student at the University of Minnesota, I decided law was a more intriguing option and now I am a lawyer with my own firm.  I work hard at being a good attorney and advocate for my clients.  I work just as hard at having a fun life outside of my vocation.  When everything gets too overwhelming, I sometimes succumb to the lure of internet shopping with a beverage in hand.  I have a wonderful  boyfriend who makes me laugh just every day.  I am a luddite but trying to improve on that deficiency despite that it appears to be a losing battle as the lightening fast technological advances are just more highly evolved than my brain…and I have a pretty good brain so how do 10 year olds “get it” when I don’t?  Stay tuned on that one..

Ms. Brooks holds a BA from the University of Minnesota and a Juris Doctorate, Trial Concentratio from California Western School of Law.  In her spare time, she enjoys golf, gardening, needlepoint, quilting, knitting, cooking, entertaining friends at home and weekend excursions.​

Jane has been an SDREFNET member since 2006.

To refer Jane, click here.

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