Stop Waiting to Be Referred . . . Tap into Your Goldmine of Happy Clients

How do the affluent want to meet a financial advisor like you? One recent study surveyed over 4,000 affluent individuals. It determined that the affluent would prefer to meet you either 1) through a referral from a friend or colleague, or 2) through a referral from a CPA or other trusted advisor. This article will give you my proven strategy for asking for referrals from your affluent clients (all your clients for that matter). If you think that your affluent clients won’t give you referrals, think again. Not all will, but a significant percentage will especially if you met them through a referral.

The VIPS Method� for Asking

Here’s a 4-step approach I’ve taught to thousands of financial professionals who are having tremendous results. First, I’ll give you the bases to cover and then I’ll give you a possible script to show you how you can touch on all the bases. Don’t worry too much about the words I use. If you like a turn of phrase, then by all means use it while also making this approach genuine by using your own words.

Written by Bill Cates.  To read the full article, click here.

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