Eliminate Your Personal Barriers to Prospecting for Referrals

There are many barriers you may face in asking for referrals. You might be afraid of jeopardizing the relationship and future sales. You might feel you haven’t served the prospect or customer enough (so you don’t deserve to ask yet). You might hear “no” and think in means more than it does.

Many people don’t ask because they’ve had a bad experience around referrals and they don’t want that to happen to their clients.

It usually boils down to the F word… FEAR. Fear of rejection, or the fear that asking for referrals will some how damage the relationship you have with your satisfied client.

Like most fears, this one is a ghost. In fact, it’s really a projection onto your potential referral source. It’s a trick your unconscious plays on you. Since you’re feeling awkward about asking for referrals, you think the other person will feel awkward being asked.

If you’ve done your best to be sincere, if you’ve served them well, and established a relationship of mutual trust, then your clients and referral alliances will not mind your request. In fact, they may be extremely happy to help you. Remember to foreshadow your request for referrals early on in the relationship; then it will be much easier for you to ask.

The truth is, because referrals allow you to serve many people you clients know, the referral process can actually strengthen your relationships with your clients.

Written by Bill Cates.  To read the full article, click here.

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