Burdened by debt?? Contact Jory McEachern of DebtWave

One may notice from my slight accent, I am originally from Alabama.  However, after spending a majority of my life in California, San Diego is where my heart is.  I attended High School in Ventura County and went on to play baseball in San Luis Obispo.  After spending two years there, I decided to move to beautiful San Diego and attend SDSU.  During my time there, I met some of my closest friends and began working with them at DebtWave Credit Counseling where I currently manage all affiliate accounts.  In my down time, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, golf, baseball, and pretty much all other sports.  All of these activities are enjoyed over kind words and cool cocktails! ​

​Originally from Opelika, AL, Mr. McEachern graduated from SDSU and enjoys spending time with family and friends. ​

Jory has been an SDREFNET member since February 2012.

To refer Jory, click here.

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One Response to Burdened by debt?? Contact Jory McEachern of DebtWave

  1. Amy1Gary says:

    I have referred many clients to Jory & Debt Wave and can say they have all been extremely pleased with the exceptional service they have received! I would not hesitate to refer them again! Thanks Jory!

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