Lower Stress Means Higher Customer Loyalty

“It is the stress in people’s lives and their assumptions about what will make some of that stress go away that determine what and where they buy. The real value that you bring to anyone’s life is in making some of their stress go away. To the extent that you understand their stress better than your competitors, make it go away better than your competitors, and effectively communicate that powerful message, you will become their preferred supplier.” So says Donald Cooper in his powerful audio tape program, Human Marketing: How to Become the Preferred Supplier of What You Sell.

People experience stress around what you sell. They may experience stress from their current salesperson. Their stress may be caused by not having what you sell. They may have tension and stress around the selling process. And they may have stress in how you are selling or servicing them now. They have stress when you arrive in their life, stress during the sale, and stress after the sale has been made. It’s Cooper’s premise, and I agree, that identifying and reducing these stresses will put you head and shoulders above your competition. To do this, you have to really get to know your prospects and customers. What is life like for them? You need to discover where the stress is for them. Once you truly know this, you can help reduce their stress.

Written by Bill Cates.  To read the full article, click here.

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