Using Referral Prospecting to Build Your Business

Without question, getting clients through referrals is the most powerful way to build your business; not to mention the most enjoyable. Bob Kerrigan, one of the most successful salespeople I know says, “The way of the world is to meet people through other people. And the referral is the warm way we get into their lives.” Think about this for a minute.

When you’ve needed to find an attorney, an accountant, a car repair shop, a dentist, etc., do you go to the yellow pages? Do you wait for someone to cold call you? Probably not. Don’t you usually ask a few trusted friends first? Why? Because you’d rather not “buy cold,” you’d rather be referred.

Since your prospects would prefer to meet you through a referral, you’d better make that your preferred method of prospecting.

Written by Bill Cates.  To read the full article, click here.

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