How to Boost Referral Hiring

“If your small business does not offer some type of referral program for locating and hiring qualified job candidates, it is in the minority. Fully 69 percent of employers have a referral hiring program in place, and 26 percent of external hires result from employee referrals, making referrals the top source of new hires, according to CareerBuilder as of publication. Using referrals can reduce the time it takes to fill vacancies, which also results in significant cost savings. It also increases employee engagement by making them stakeholders in the success of your small business. You can increase your referral hiring efforts by utilizing a number of strategies.

Encourage Nepotism
Ask your best employees whether they know of any friends or relatives who are looking for work. Good workers tend to recommend other good workers, as they often share the same beneficial values. By providing the opportunity to question your current employees about the candidates, you can gather additional information that might not otherwise be available when hiring a complete stranger. This advantage can prove valuable in your decision-making process.”

Written by Chris Joseph, Demand Media

To read the full article, click here.

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