Referrals: The More You Give, the More You Get

The fight-or-flight response in nature is well-documented. But it’s also easy to see this behavior manifested in the act of selling, where there’s such a high probability of ego damage. For homebased entrepreneurs with a personal and deeply emotional bond to their product or service, it may be even tougher. Every time you place an ad, send a proposal, fax a flyer, start a direct-marketing campaign, call a prospect-basically every time you open your mouth, there’s the possibility of ego damage.

When it comes to getting new business, then, it’s hard not to take flight. I hate cold calls-in fact, I avoid them like the plague. Any possible reason for not making a call, I’ll take it. Of course, my ego remains healthy, but the success of my business as a sales trainer suffers as a result. Don’t get me wrong: I still love meeting people, sharing new ideas and learning about other people’s businesses. It just seems so much easier when I know I’m not trying to put food on a plate or clothes on my two kids-you know, when I’m not selling!

Written by JAMES MADUK

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