Strategies for Successful Small Business Marketing

Your small business train will sputter along without a solid marketing approach. When developing a marketing strategy, think about who is your target customer and how are you going to rise above the crowd of competitors clamoring for attention. Drill down your message to appeal to your niche customer to get more bang for your marketing buck. You want to stand out as number one in your field and focusing on a tighter market can get you there faster than trying to be all things to all people. Try these strategies for successful small business marketing:

Profile Your Best Customers. Identify your most valuable customers. How much do they spend with you annually? Do they fit a niche? It’s important to understand what value your business brings to your customers so you can continue fulfilling their needs. Business issues can change quickly; stay on top of trends that affect your customers so that you are an effective resource.

Written By Melinda Emerson

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