7 questions you should ask at work

They say there are no bad questions at the workplace…but guess what, there totally are! We tell you how to ask the great ones.

In a job interview, ask… ” How did the last person with this job do?”
You’ve been peppered with questions, but you should have a few of your own. A winner: ask about the highs and lows your predecessor had. It will give you a deeper sense of what’s expected of you…and show off your drive in a non-braggy way.

With your boss, ask…”How can I help?”
There’s a time for asking about big projects you want to take on, but when your boss is busy, your questions should be focused on her. Ifshe has an afternoon meeting, ask if you can gather materials or even grab lunch for her. She’ll appreciate that you’re one step ahead, and soon you’ll be taking on the tougher stuff.

Written By Cosmopolitan

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