3 Reasons You Need Non-Traditional Referral Help

Salespeople do not always have that distinction printed on their business cards. Often the most influential people when it comes to company sales have never read a book on referral selling or picked up a phone to make a sales connection. Some of the strongest “sales” people on your payroll may not even realize the influence that they have on decision makers.

Non-traditional salespeople exist in every company. Maybe it is the mobile application developer who regularly fields questions from clients in project meetings. Perhaps it is the editor who attends industry trade shows to simply be “the face” of the publication. You may even have salespeople in disguise who answer your phones or deal directly with the public. While your company may not have the resources to allow these other employees time to focus on sales, per se, there are ways to utilize them and their referral selling

Written By Katie Parsons

To read the full article, click here.

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