10 social media engagement tips from the Financial Times

The Financial Times is in constant conversation with readers on social media, with all journalists encouraged to engage.

“It’s really important that we show that we are talking to people and listening to them and hearing their views,” Sarah Laitner, communities editor at the FT, told Journalism.co.uk. “It’s also an important source of generating traffic and registrations to our site, which has metered access.”

And reporters are also encouraged to use social for newsgathering. “It might have been that in years gone by you were out on your beat, but now your beat has also emerged on Twitter, on Facebook and on LinkedIn,” Laitner said.

Sarah Laitner
, who has been in her current role for 18 months, was previously blogs editor, and before that Brussels correspondent, for the FT. More recently she has been joined in the newsroom by Maija Palmer, a former technology correspondent and editor in the management team, who has taken up the role of social media journalist. There’s also Rebecca Heptinstall, a social media manager in the communications team.

Written By Sarah Marshall

To read the full article, click here.

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