5 Best Social Media Campaigns Aimed at Mobile Users

Marketing and social media go hand-in-hand when companies come up with unique ways to grab their audience’s attention. And, considering mobile users are growing at a rapid pace, the faster companies jump on he mobile marketing bandwagon the better.

So, what are some of the best social media campaigns that are specifically targeted at mobile users?

#1 Starwood Hotels and Foursquare

When social media and mobile campaigns combine to offer on-the-go user deals on hotels, wonderful things happen. Such is the case when Starwood Hotels and its Sheraton, W Hotels, Westin, and St. Regis chains joined Foursquare to offer preferred guest rewards.

By simply checking into the Starwood Preferred Guest Foursquare page, guests receive 250 bonus points that go toward their next stay at any Starwood Hotel. And, with 3,000 points equaling a free night’s stay at more than 1,000 hotels worldwide, this is the perfect example of an effective mobile social media campaign.

Written By Wong Ching Ya

To read the full article, click here.

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