Five tips for driving more traffic to your website

While it’s true that no two website marketing strategies are exactly alike, the ultimate objective of driving more traffic to the website is one shared by all businesses, regardless of their size or sector. Similarly, the tools and tips that can help them achieve their goal faster and more effectively apply equally across the board. Chloe Thomas, author of eCommerce MasterPlan, shares five of the best…

1. Plan ahead

First and foremost, businesses must have a marketing plan in place for all the different traffic sources they will be using. “It may be that one month they want to test ‘x’ and their marketing message will be ‘y’, and so on, on a month by month basis, throughout the year, but this has to follow a marketing plan,” explains Thomas. “Without a plan, you could get to the end of the year and realise that, although you meant to test Google AdWords, you didn’t. And your traffic has been bad all year. By failing to plan ahead, you can end up setting yourself back.”

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