The First Seller with the Answers Wins

Customers today are armed with a wealth of data gleaned from the Internet about the products and services they want even before they contact a seller for the first time. Given the trove of information available online, if a buyer still has questions after doing their research, then their need for an answer is, by definition, urgent and critical. When that customer contacts a seller, they want an answer right now in order to make an informed buying decision in the least time possible.

The first seller to be absolutely responsive to the buyer’s need for information wins. Every person-to-person interaction between a salesperson and a customer, who must be presumed to have already researched your product online, requires the salesperson to be completely responsive and create value for the customer in the least time possible.

Why are responsiveness and creating value so important? Here are two important reasons:

1. For all businesses, responsiveness is inextricably linked to content and speed. If you’re a seller and your customers are working their way, step-by-step, through their decision-making process (otherwise known as the buying cycle), they won’t move from one step to the next until their information requirements for the current step are completely satisfied. Without responsiveness, a sale, or a buying cycle, will come to a screeching halt.

Written by Andy Paul.  To read the full article, please click here.  If you’d like to join us for business networking and to receive high quality business referrals in San Diego, California please visit our website at

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