4 Tips on How to Spring Clean Your Small Business

out of clutter

Think of spring cleaning as a wardrobe change for the new season. You’ll need to make decisions as to which clothes you’ll need to replace, save, or purchase new articles of clothing. As a matter of fact, spring cleaning will require a combination of smart strategic decisions that will influence how your small business grows.

1. Updating your Business Technology

In order to survive during the recession, many small business owners needed to cut on their expenses. One of these cost saving moves was to delay replacing or upgrading their small business technology (i.e. hardware & software). While these cost saving moves may have been necessary at the time, it can potentially be penny-wise and pound-foolish now.

For your business spring cleaning, you should replace malfunctioning computers, monitors, and other defective hardware. Having malfunctioning equipment can easily disrupt business productivity by potentially breaking at a critical time (e.g. POS system malfunctioning) and causing your small business to lose sales. If you have held back on regularly updating your software, your system may be susceptible to viruses, therefore immobilizing your business. Even worse, if your security system is compromised, your business information could be easily accessed by a third party. It is important to ensure that your business technology is up-to-date and operating at optimal performance.

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