Video Marketing Review: Which Service is Best?

Video marketing is big business as corporations increasingly shift their budgets from TV ads to online content. In 2013, brands increased their video budgets by 65 percent as they realize the value of a video that enjoys numerous social media shares. In addition to the cost of brainstorming and producing an engaging video, businesses also have learned the importance of positioning that video to gain as many views as possible.

As a result of all of this discovery, several services have emerged that help businesses achieve their marketing goals. Not all services are identical, however, so it’s important for organizations to look at each option before making a decision. Here are the most popular video marketing services.


In its short time on the market, Virool has wowed industry experts and the corporate world alike, attracting more than 30,000 businesses and $6.62 million in seed funding. The site’s do-it-yourself platform gives Virool customers the ability to launch marketing campaigns for as little as $10, which opens up the service to small businesses on limited budgets. But the site isn’t limited to small business use. In fact, Virool’s customer base includes big names like Sony and Pepsi. When a business chooses Virool, videos can be placed on such large-scale platforms as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, as well as blogs on sites like Virool can also help businesses launch video campaigns on mobile apps for increased visibility.

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