Marcia E. Depew, ESQ, San Diego copyright, trademark, intellectual property & business contract attorney

The Law Offices of Marcia E. Depew provides small business related services. Business formation including: corporations, limited liability companies, partnerships and nonprofit organizations. Transactional Services including: drafting, reviewing, and/or interpreting contracts and agreements. Intellectual property including trademarks/service marks and copyright protection and enforcement.

​Law is my second career. I spent ten years at a Fortune 500 as an Exercise Physiologist working to improve employee health, wellness and decrease healthcare costs. That was my first “real” job after graduate school. I was hired because of my science background but over the years I learned business, at all levels across many functions. I had a great boss with a vision of turning lab rats into business managers. When all was said and done, I went to law school.Before opening my law firm I worked at a small firm in Orange County on a variety of civil matters business and personal, including litigation in state and federal courts. In that setting, clients came to the firm with a problem and wanted it fixed. Generally, people think if they have a problem, they should sue. In reality, very few problems truly require a lawsuit or litigation and if they do, fewer still go to trial. Most disputes can be settled, mediated or arbitrated. Even good common sense can rule the day! Today, my focus is back on business, working with small business owners to set-up and run their businesses in a way that avoids problems before they occur.

I enjoy reading, wine tasting, traveling to new places, watching movies, walking, listening to the surf, and doing anything with my son.Marcia has been an SDREFNET member since May 2013.

To refer Marcia Depew for all your copyright, trademarks, intellectual property and business contract needs in San Diego, please click here. For more business tips, info on how to promote your business, and business referral networking opportunities in San Diego, California please visit our website at

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