Vinny Colabelli, San Diego Accounting and Bookkeeping Services

I grew up and spent the first 30 years in Philadelphia.  In 2000, I decided to move to San Diego, which I did in August, 2001.  Without knowing anyone here, I built both personal and business relationships with many people and enjoy life to the fullest.  I base my life and business on trust, respect, and honesty and expect those same qualities in return from those relationships.

Mr. Colabelli grew up in Philadelphia, PA and graduated from Temple University in 1993 with a Bachelors of Business Administration.  In his spare time, he enjoys racing, racquetball, running and hockey.

Vinny has been an SDREFNET member since October 2007.

To refer Vinny Colabelli for all your accounting and bookkeeping needs in San Diego, please click here. For more business tips, info on how to promote your business, and business referral networking opportunities in San Diego, California please visit our website at

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