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Relationship Marketing Is Coming

Relationship Marketing Is Coming By Mark Cameron I meet many leaders of large businesses in the course of my job as the CEO of a digital strategy consultancy. Our engagements are revealing an emerging trend. When it comes to understanding customers, … Continue reading

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Will You Be Calling Me Back? The Etiquette Of Job And Business Rejection

An interesting phenomenon has currently come to the forefront. An increasing number of organizations aren’t sending a notification to the applicants they interview but don’t select for the position. Surprisingly, this practice is becoming more prevalent at most levels, including, … Continue reading

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How To Get Meetings With People Who Don’t Have Time For You

Jason, an entrepreneur I’ve known for over a decade, came out to the ranch today. He was celebrating selling his company and just beginning to think through his next moves. Since he wasn’t from Silicon Valley, he decided to use his time … Continue reading

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Essential Networking: How to Attract Quality Referrals

There is a difference between receiving lots of referrals and attracting quality referrals. There is nothing better than word-of-mouth recommendations which speak volumes and are a highly effective, low-cost form of marketing. In this fast paced world we are living … Continue reading

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Do Your Customers Look Forward to Seeing You?

As another installment in my series of articles that point out examples of great customer service, I’d like to introduce you to Umpqua Bank. Umpqua Bank is committed to delivering an experience customized for each customer. Umpqua’s executive vice president … Continue reading

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The 59 Commandments of Business Networking

Business networking is one of the most effective marketing and prospecting tools you can use to grow your business. Of course, done incorrectly it can actually be harmful to your business. Somewhere down the road salespeople were given the idea … Continue reading

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Steve Jobs: 5 (More) Motivational Business Tips

When I wrote Steve Jobs: 6 Tried-And-True Business Tips, it was difficult to select from the hundreds of motivational comments Mr. Jobs shared with the media during his memorable career. As such, this article augments the original list with five … Continue reading

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