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Four Things You Can Do Now to Increase Traffic to Your Website

How much web traffic can you generate with 26K Twitter followers, 1K Facebook Fans and a few thousand people in your Google Plus circle? I share from experience: not a lot. Distribution is challenging for publishers. You may write articles … Continue reading

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8 Article Formats to Engage Your Customers and Get Them Clicking

It’s no secret that audiences are increasingly consuming concise, media-rich content. This tendency toward shorter bits of information means we must work harder to make our branded content more interesting. With the array of tools, formats, and applications available, content … Continue reading

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Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Google+ Anymore

Google+ has now been with us for one year. It just seems like yesterday when it was announced. Part of me said “not another social network” while the other curious Jeff thought “this could be what we need to keep … Continue reading

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5 Facebook Page Tools to Improve Your Page Management

Are you looking for tools to better manage your Facebook page? Do you need help creating and finding compelling content to share with your fans? It’s a juggling act to share the right content, engage with fans and track trends. … Continue reading

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How A Business Blog Can And Will Increase Your Sales

I really am surprised by how many people I talk to online and meet at Industry trade shows and conferences that don’t have a business blog. Even employees or Reps of companies whom have told me they don’t have a … Continue reading

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How Social Media Can Help With Lead Generation

Generating leads is an ongoing task for any business and thanks to the Internet, a task no longer restrained to displays and trade stands as a means of reigning people in. With its multiple platforms, built on interactive communication and … Continue reading

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5 Insights on Facebook vs Pinterest in Driving Sales – Infographic

Pinterest has been grabbing the headlines recently as its network approaches  20 million users per month. Pinterest vs Facebook Social Commerce Infographic In March, Compete.com reported that Pinterest had received 18 million unique visitors with AppData reporting that the visual … Continue reading

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How Business Intelligence and Online Marketing (Should) Intertwine

In today’s highly competitive online marketplace, marketers need to use every advantage they can get. Typical web analytics are available to anyone who takes the time to look at them. Even so, a large number of marketers don’t get real … Continue reading

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