Ron Phillips, San Diego Financial Advisor, Thrivent

work for a faith based, not for profit organization that is member owned and is committed to helping members be wise with money and live generously. I am passionate about helping families with not only the day to day struggles they have with their finances, but to work with them to plan for a retirement income that will last their lifetime.

Prior to Thrivent, I work for Coca-Cola with duties ranging from Branch Manager to Director of Cold Drink Operations. When I retired, I worked with Thrivent to help plan my retirement and realized there is important information that needs to be shared prior to someone making the decision to retire. At that point, I made the choice to join Thrivent and utilize my knowledge and experiences to help others achieve their goal of a safe and secure future after they retire.

My reward is seeing people realize the need to plan for the future and inspired to “be wise with their money and live generously”.

Ron has been an SDREFNET member since June 2013.

To refer Ron Phillips for all your financial services needs in San Diego, please click here. For more business tips, info on how to promote your business, and business referral networking opportunities in San Diego, California please visit our website at

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