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Four Things You Can Do Now to Increase Traffic to Your Website

How much web traffic can you generate with 26K Twitter followers, 1K Facebook Fans and a few thousand people in your Google Plus circle? I share from experience: not a lot. Distribution is challenging for publishers. You may write articles … Continue reading

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6 Tips for Being More Visual With Social Media (Infographic)

There’s a shift happening in the way we communicate online. In a lot of ways, the focus has moved from written social media to visual social media. What does this mean? What started as websites and blogs where we shared our message … Continue reading

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Marketing Myths You Should Ignore

As long as I have been in marketing, I’ve heard my share of excuses for why small businesses don’t invest in marketing. These marketing myths when constantly repeated, become reality. Marketing Myths = Excuses Small businesses have many opportunities to … Continue reading

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7 tips for getting the best small business website

Last week, I walked through 7 reasons why you need a small business website, and this week, following on from there, I’m going to cover 7 ways in which you can get the best small business website possible. These tips … Continue reading

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6 Essential features for a successful Business website in 2013

If you have an existing website or need to create a new website then we have created a list of essential features we believe a website should have in 2013. You will need a website that has the following features: … Continue reading

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San Diego Internet Marketing Consultant, David Carleton, Creates Local Business Marketing Website to Help Small Business Owners Increase Sales

David Carleton, a leading San Diego Internet Marketing Consultant has recently created a website designed specifically for small business owners looking to generate leads and increase sales in their local community. Dave specializes in showing small business owners how to … Continue reading

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